F4H Olympic 701 ‘Complete’ Aerobic Indoor Cycling Bike


The ‘Olympic 41 ES-701 Aerobic Indoor Cycling Bike’ is one of our longest running and most reliable product line. This particular spin bike has always had a high quality production process which includes the use of long lasting durable materials. This spin bike provides a solid and rigorous workout. The tension can be adjusted from 0% to 100%.


Although this item is one of the heavier bikes we stock, it is relatively portable due to the smartly placed wheels attached to the front stabilizing feet.


The bike has a number of elements that enhance safety, such as the metal flywheel having a rounded smooth edge, the ‘mud-guard’ casing and the toe-straps on the pedals etc. The digital display show all necessary data including pulse. Handle bars and seat are adjustable and comfortable.


One of the most practical and unique features is the adjustable stabilizing feet which are designed to keep the bike sturdy and balanced on uneven surfaces. Stability dials can be adjusted individually offering the ability to precisely stabilize the bike in a manner that is not possible on other bikes that don’t offer this feature.


Product Description

On-board Digital Computer Monitor with the following functions: Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Scan & Pulse


13 Kg Fly Wheel, Chain Transmission, Smooth quite motion, Foot pedals with safety strap, Free Aluminium Sports water bottle


Adjustable Resistance System, 2 way Horizontal Vertical Adjustable Seat makes bike ideal for people of various physiques and body sizes


Adjustable Handle Bars with elbow rests for extra comfort. Handle Bars embedded with pulse sensors


Extremely Sturdy Bike with dial operated adjustable stabilizers to keep bike stable on uneven surfaces. Has 2 portability wheels

Additional Information


Black & Red, Red & White


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