In gyms across the world, treadmills remain one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment, and for good reason. Whether your aim is to improve your general fitness, lose weight, increase your endurance, work on rehabilitation or train for a particular event, a home treadmill is an excellent choice. With hundreds to choose from, selecting the right treadmill can seem a tricky task. Our handy guidance below will help you find your perfect match. With treadmills to suit all budgets and spaces, and with a range of flexible finance options to choose from, you’re sure to find the right treadmill for you.

At Fit4home we offer folding treadmills for those who are short on space and commercial treadmills for home gyms, which are designed to withstand heavy usage throughout their lifetime. The treadmill you choose ultimately all depends on your requirements. If you plan to use a treadmill for long distance running, you should consider a mid-range or commercial treadmill, while if you plan to use your treadmill for walking or light jogging, one of our lower priced treadmills should be ideal.


  • Less impact on joints: Running on a treadmill reduces the impact on your joints, compared to running on pavements or road surfaces. To further reduce the impact, you may choose to purchase a machine with an orthopaedic belt.
  • Reduced stress on joints: During cardio exercise, endorphins are released into your bloodstream. This release of endorphins produces a natural high, which in turn relieves stress.
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance: Exercise of any kind will increase your energy levels, and running is one of the best forms of exercise to help increase your overall energy.
  • Increased lung capacity: Running will help improve your lung capacity, making you stronger and healthier.
  • Increased bone density: The impact of running on a treadmill causes the body to increase the density of weight bearing bones, in an effort to accommodate the stress of the activity.
  • Increased calorie burn: Running is a weight bearing exercise, which means it burns more calories in comparison to rowing machines or exercise bikes.



  • Measure your workout space: It’s imperative that the treadmill you buy fits comfortably into your allocated space. Measure the length, width and height of the available area and keep this handy when browsing treadmills. When measuring, make sure you allow extra space for mounting and dismounting. We recommend a 2ft clearance each side, 130mm at the front and at least 3ft at the back. Don’t forget that your treadmill will need to be located close to a power point.
  • Running area: We recommend a 51cm/20” wide belt for runners. In terms of length, at least 140cm/55” is recommended for runners, while 127cm/50” will be sufficient for walkers. The longer and wider the belt, the more room for natural running fluctuation, wider strides and general comfort.
  • Motor size: Motor size should be at least 1.5 continuous horsepower (CHP). We recommend 2.5 CHP+ if you will be running or jogging regularly on the treadmill. If you’re all for high intensity, you’ll definitely want to opt for a higher motor size (3.0 or above). Generally, a quieter motor indicates a more powerful machine. 
  • Speed and incline: We recommend a speed limit of at least 16km/h (10mph) for runners. We suggest adding a couple of km/h to your regular running speed. Incline (gradient) is a fantastic feature on treadmills as this is a simple way to add resistance, target different muscle groups and reduce impact on your joints. Most treadmills offer a decent incline range. The wider range, the more intense a workout it offers.
  • Cushioning and stability: Track cushioning helps to protect your joints from impact. Compared to road running, a cushioned treadmill reduces impact by up to 40%, decreasing chances of injury and improving stamina. The sign of good cushioning is when a treadmill doesn’t shake, wobble or vibrate when in use. Most treadmills have good cushioning, while some advanced treadmills now feature variable cushioning, which delivers firm support on push off and cushioning for landing. With every step taken, the deck relieves impact and propels you to your next step, providing not only impact absorption but energy return.
  • Programmes/Apps: Most treadmills have built in workout programmes to mix up your training and support different workout goals. Examples would be interval training, hill climbing or even custom workouts that you create yourself. Ideal for the more adventurous runner, more and more treadmills are starting to offer advanced workout options, such as virtual interactive training and access to online apps. These allow for more advanced progress tracking and limitless workouts.
  • Weight capacity: Never forget this crucial factor. We recommend choosing a treadmill that can handle about 20 kg more than your own weight. This will ensure you don’t strain the motor.
  • Storage and portability: Folding treadmills are a great option if you’re tight on space. You can simply fold the deck upwards to free up floor space. This is usually a very easy process for one person and the folding mechanism will always adhere to safety specifications, usually with features like a security lock and/or assisted automated lifting and lower systems. These treadmills are also easier to clean around and under. Foldable treadmills usually come with transport wheels for easy transportation.

Treadmill accessories:

Floor mats: Place under your treadmill for stability and to protect your floors from wear, as well as perspiration.
Heart rate monitors and belts: some treadmills offer wireless heart rate monitoring. Belts can be added for even more accurate readings. Alternatively, you can buy a heart rate monitor.

Why buy your treadmill from Fit4home ?


  • We stock the cheapest treadmills than anyone else in the UK
  • Fastest delivery – many of our treadmills are available for next day or Saturday delivery, and you can even choose you delivery date
  • Delivery is free on all treadmills (no delivery costs for purchases over £99) delivered to UK mainland addresses (exclusions apply). For details please see our delivery information.
  • Installation service available: All treadmills do come with instruction manuals, but we do offer an installation service for selected models. For more information call us on 03301240718.
  • 14-day Price Promise: Our 14-day Price Promise guarantees that you purchase a treadmill at the lowest price
  • Second hand and ex-display options: As well as brand new, we also have a small selection of second hand and ex-display treadmills available to purchase and pick-up from our warehouse. For more information see our refurbished list of treadmills or contact us on 03301240718.


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