• CHROME DUMBBELL SET 50KG – Comes with 2x dumbbell bars, a barbell bar, 20 weight plates (4x 5kg, 4x 2.5kg, 6x 1.25kg, 6x 0.5kg), 4 collars and a storage carry case with wheels.
  • ADJUSTABLE BARBELL & DUMBBELLS PAIR – Easily adjust the amount of weight so you can reach your bodybuilding and strength training goals. Ideal for workouts at home.
  • VARIETY OF WORKOUTS – This 50KG Dumbbell weight set allows you to carry out a wide range of exercises including lateral raises, bicep curls, lunges and much more.
  • SOLID CAST IRON WEIGHT PLATES – Constructed with premium quality cast iron and finished with a striking chrome finish, this fitness weights set is strong, durable and built to last. Comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

Our Fit4home 50kg barbell and dumbbell set for men is ideal for people who are looking to bring the gym to their own home. The chrome dumbbell set comes with 2x heavy duty dumbbell bars, a long barbell bar, 20 cast iron weight plates (4x 5kg, 4x 2.5kg, 6x 1.25kg, 6x 0.5kg) and 4 collars. This item also comes with a storage carry case with wheels. Perfect for keeping you weights set in pristine condition and to transport them around. These adjustable dumbbells allow for quick and convenient weight plate changes, so you can move to the next level with ease.

This dumbbells weights set is a fantastic addition to your home gym equipment and allows you to work on a wide range of weightlifting exercises. Perform lateral raises, bicep curls, lunges and much more to get the physic you always wanted. All from the comfort of your own home.

Each dumbbell has a rubber grip which allows you to have a better hold of the bar while carrying out your bodybuilding and strength training routines. Great for when you are in the middle of an intense session and really need to push yourself to the next rep. The combined weight of the plates, bars and collars total 50kg with the option to use other weight plates you may already own. Made from the highest quality materials these hand weights are built to last. Buy with 100% confidence as our weight sets come with a 1 Year warranty for parts and labour.


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