Refurbished Grade B SKYMASTER Hoverboard


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SKYMASTER Navboard™ Sky Master All Terrain absolutely demolishes off-road conditions with cross-country style tires & a hard core, semi-submersible body. The adventure-addicted among us are sure to enjoy a hit of adrenaline while conquering gravel, grass & mud on the All Terrain. Hyper-responsive gyro sensors provide the balancing ability you need to leave no stone upturned with the toughest self balancing board on the market today. Navboard™ Sky Master All Terrain takes capable riders off the beaten path on a durable board designed for a lifetime of outdoor adventure.

The Navboard™ Sky Master All Terrain 8.5” combines upgraded silent drive motors & the Sky Master Smart Chip with Polish engineering to make the board capable of mind-blowing speeds up to 15 km/h. A top-notch, long-life Samsung battery with 16 cells enables the board to travel up to an incredible 6 hours or 10 km on a single 2 hour charge.



Ultra-long 4 to 6 hour ride time from a single 2 hour charge

Mind blowing 10-15 km/h speed

Generous weight range: 30 kg Min to 100 kg Max

Conquer gradients of up to 18 degrees maximum

Rugged 14 kg board: Dimensions:  71 cm x 22 cm x 24 cm

Solid 8.5″ cross-country style tires provide traction for all-terrain riding

Mega powerful 350W Poland designed silent-drive motors

Integrated Sky Master Bluetooth 2.0 speaker for music on the fly

Built-in Smart-Phone App functionality packed with fantastic features

Sonic-bright LED lights to brighten your night-time ride

Genuine Samsung 16 cell rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Safe & UK approved CE certified BS1363 3 pin UK charger

Tested & verified 100% safe by top UK approved test house

3 Month Warranty



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Fit4Home sell 3 types of refurbished items. These are grade A, B and C. These grades offer great value for money and an opportunity to buy at discounted prices. The lower prices reflect the fact that the products may have marks and scratches on them and/or include non-original accessories and packaging. All refurbished items we sell are sent to our certified testing facilities. Here they are examined, classified, fully tested, and if necessary, refurbished, repaired and repackaged.


Refurbished Grades

Grade A – this is our top grade of refurbishment. These items might have minor cosmetic marks or scratches, but will be of a high standard and are great value for money.

  • They will have been comprehensively tested and are in full working order
  • The item will have been professionally refurbished
  • They may have minor cosmetic marks or scratches
  • They will be in original retail or replacement packaging that may have marks, scuffs or stickers on the boxes


Grade B – is our second grade of refurbished product. Please always read the full product description for important information relating to the individual product as on occasion there may also be some missing components. These items are professionally refurbished but might have more obvious marks or scratches. This does not affect the functionality and is purely cosmetic.

  • They have all been comprehensively tested and presented in full working order
  • The item will have been professionally refurbished
  • Importantly, there may be obvious cosmetic marks. These could include moderate to heavy scratches, scuffs, marks or dents. None of these will affect the functionality of the product
  • They maybe in original retails or replacement packaging that may have marks, scruffs or stickers on the boxes
  • They may not have original accessories


Grade C – The lowest quality of a refurbished product, that are still in working order. Although Refurbished Grade C products have been tested and are confirmed to work, they do show the signs of damage and missing parts. However Refurbished Grade C products are more affordable than Refurbished A and B, therefore allowing you to save money and this may even suit your budget.