• RUNNING WALKING WEIGHT VEST FOR MEN & WOMEN – A weighted vest with weight included. Great for a wide range of sports and activities, such as CrossFit and circuit training. Ideal for weight loss and strength training.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN -This free train vest, is shaped to fit you both snuggly and comfortably. Made from high quality neoprene and breathable fabric for added comfort during your workout.
  • CLIP CLOSURE – This weighted sports vest has a securer fastening than Velcro alternatives that can wear down over time. Vest comes with 1 Year warranty.
  • PRE-FILLED CROSSFIT VEST – Filled with high quality iron sand, instead of cheaper alternatives filled with regular sand. The weight is securely stitched in, meaning you will never lose any weight plates.

Our Fit4home weight vest for women is a fantastic running accessory to add to your arsenal of fitness equipment. Great for both beginners and advanced athletes alike, it will help you to step up you workout routine and improve core stability and strength. This running weight vest will help to build up your endurance levels while walking, running, or jogging, so it is ideal for marathon training. You can also use this weighted vest in the gym while you perform moves like squats, push ups and pull ups, to give extra resistance while you exercise.

The ergonomic design means that it will fit snuggly to your body and as it is made from breathable fabric, it is also comfortable to wear too. These weight vests are pre filled with iron sand instead of cheaper alternatives like regular sand. As they filling is securely stitched into the vest, you never have to worry about misplacing any of your weights. The clip closure also provides a securer fastening, as there is no Velcro that can wear down over time. Buy now with 100% confidence as our weighted vests come with a 1 Year warranty for parts and labour.

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