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These Weights are an excellent way to train your body, they are Ideal for home workouts and as an addition to home gyms. Choose from a selection of different weights. Each set come with a Space Saver Carry case. Dumbbells are great for Muscle Building, Muscular Endurance, Cardio Health, Weight Loss & Bone Health etc. Bone Health Tone your Body and get that perfect physique!

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At Fit4Home, we are committed to offering our customers the highest quality fitness equipment tailored to all fitness levels and abilities. If you are looking for the convenience of working out from home then our 50kg Dumbbells weight set would be the ideal training partner.  Burn calories, increase your muscle mass, build your strength and lose weight through some cardio fitness at home. This weight set offers you the option to switch easily from dumbbells to a barbell, with the free connector. This means you can carry out various different exercises including bicep curls, hammer curls, tricep kickbacks, chest presses and shoulder presses with the dumbbells and many other exercises such as the skull crushers, reverse curl and more with the barbell too.


Adhere your workouts to suit your needs by increasing or decreasing the intensity with changing around the number of weight plates on the weight Dumbbell or Barbell bar. In comparison to the plastic filled cement weights, these cast-iron weight plates and bars are constructed with the highest quality premium materials making them strong, durable, hard to break, protected from deformation and also more compact. This weight set also comes with a free carry case that has a handle and roller wheels, offering you convenience, safety and the ability to move it around and store easily within the home. If you wish to challenge yourself this year then this 50kg Weights barbell and dumbbells set would be a great investment in achieving your health and fitness goals.


These weights set arrives to you in 2-3 packages and includes, 4x5kg weight plates, 4×2.5kg weight plates, 6×1.25kg weight plates, 6×0.5kg weight plates, 6 x Spin Locks, lifting weight bars and case.



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