Takeaway? Why not try a fakeaway!

Takeaway? Why not try a fakeaway!

When the weekend rolls around, you want to treat yourself to some comfort food from your local takeaway – whether that be a warm pizza, spicy curry or tasty salt and pepper chicken.

Many people see a takeaway as ‘off-limits’ when looking to lose weight but if you start depriving yourself of foods that you love, you’re less likely to stick at eating healthier. You should still be excited about the food you’re eating but naturally, a takeaway does have a lot more calories.

A happy medium is a fakeaway! You can still have the delicious food from your local takeaway but by preparing the meals yourself, you can make sure you use ingredients that are good for you and lower in calories.

To help you out, we have scoured the internet for the best fakeaway recipes so that you can prepare some delicious recipes ready for your next takeaway night.

Salt and Pepper Chicken

A takeaway superstar is the classic salt and pepper chicken, perfect for adding a bit of spice to your meal. This Chinese dish is actually very easy to make without compromising on great taste. Plus, by using Asian greens – you’re getting your veggie fix into the meal. You can see a recipe for this here.

Doner Kebab

Another classic is a doner kebab, a super simple yet delicious staple from many takeaway menus. You can make this much healthier for yourself by having a wholegrain pitta bread and adding some more vegetables like cabbage into it. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even make your own sauces to partner with your meal. You can see a recipe for this here.

Chicken Madras

You can’t go wrong with a curry and with this healthy version of a takeaway favourite, you will be ditching the takeaway menus in no time. The spices and seasoning that go into this dish create a delicious and fragrant curry that will become your new fakeaway favourite! You can find a recipe here.


Pizza lovers, you didn’t think we had forgotten you?! Of course not. This delicious pizza recipe is a perfectly hearty and warming answer to a takeaway craving. Plus, the recipe is so quick that you will be done in no time (which isn’t always the case for takeaway deliveries!). You can see the recipe here.

Food is to be enjoyed and health isn’t about cutting out meals that make you happy but by having these healthier alternatives, you can be happy knowing that you are still maintaining a healthier lifestyle and enjoying food you love!

By combining a healthier diet with some exercise, you will find yourself feeling amazing in no time. We have learnt in the last year that it’s important to take care of our bodies, so if you want to start your health journey today, visit Fit4Home® and shop our workout equipment.

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