Breakfast You Will Be Excited to Wake Up For

Breakfast You Will Be Excited to Wake Up For

We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that the key to achieving fitness goals is a healthy, balanced diet as well as doing regular exercise, but finding exciting breakfast ideas can be a major challenge.


If you are struggling to find breakfast recipe ideas that are tasty enough to ensure you stick to a healthy choice each morning, you can get some inspiration from these ideas for breakfasts that you will be excited to wake up for:


Oatmeal (creative variations)


If you are a TikTok user, you will probably have seen #bakedoats and other imaginative ways of serving up oatmeal go viral. Oats are not known for being particularly exciting and the beige, bland tasting bowl of oats served to many of us as children have put most of us off for life but thanks to some food creatives on TikTok, oatmeal has been re-invented.


Baked oatmeal allows you to put a fun and tastier twist on oatmeal and you can add berries, banana, apple and cinnamon or any other healthy ingredients you fancy. All you need are some oats, milk, eggs and your choice of ingredients for a healthy breakfast that you can keep varying.


Breakfast burrito


For a protein-rich and filling breakfast to kickstart the day, the breakfast burrito is a flavour-packed meal you can cram with tasty, healthy ingredients. A bit of chipotle paste will add some Mexican heat to your wholemeal wrap and popular ingredients include avocado, lettuce, tomatoes and scrambled egg. As well as being seriously tasty, the breakfast burrito is quick and easy to make if you are short of time.


Herb omelette


If you love omelettes but do not want to consume the calories that a cheese-loaded omelette includes, then you should try a healthier omelette recipe, replacing cheese with ingredients such as herbs or peppers. Spinach and chives can help to add some extra flavour and you can serve with cooked tomatoes. This meal will give you lots of protein to fuel you up for a workout later on in the day.


Healthy egg and chips


For those who crave a good full English breakfast, you can get your fix without all of the fat. The healthy eggs and chips recipe feels like a cheat meal, but it is a delicious, low calorie breakfast treat. Typically made from diced potatoes, shallots, mushrooms and eggs, these healthy eggs and chips will provide you with loads of energy and will no doubt be a welcome alternative to your less exciting breakfast options.


Greek yoghurt and fruit


While the yoghurt and fruit combo can get a bit boring after a while, if you try varying your fruits, adding some chopped walnuts, seeds or granola, or adding flavour such as cinnamon, you can continue to get excited about getting up for your yoghurt and fruit-based breakfast.


The best way to keep to a healthy diet is to make sure you are eating food that you like and meals that you do not get bored of eating. If you are looking to improve your health and fitness, switching to healthy breakfasts like these will help you to start your days off the right way.


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