6 Best Exercises to lose weight at home

6 Best Exercises to lose weight at home

Gyms are starting to re-open across England but naturally, many people still have reservations about heading back to the crowded, shared spaces of a gym. If you are still hesitant about going back to the gym, you’re not alone – however, there are luckily ways you can still lose weight at home.

Losing weight at home can be done and there are some exercises you can do that will be effective in burning fat and ultimately helping you to shed some weight.

Here are 7 exercises that are powerhouses for burning fat! Adding these into your routine at home means you can work out safely and effectively at home.

Steady-state cardio

Steady-state cardio is a recovery exercise that is simply walking at a fast pace, to keep your heart steady. By doing this after a more intense workout, you will continue to burn calories after the hard exercises. A treadmill would be great here, as you could do a session of interval training (also great for cardio) and finish with your steady-state cardio.


Skipping is simple, effective and it means minimal equipment too if space is a concern for you. This simple exercise will get you sweating and will increase your heart rate, so it is a very effective form of cardio for weight loss.


Whilst running strengthens your lungs and heart, it also helps to burn calories and tone your leg muscles. Not only is it great for your physical health but running can also help to improve your mental health and relieves stress. If you aren’t keen to go running outside, a treadmill can again be beneficial as it will allow you to run at different inclines and paces. In some ways, a treadmill can be more effective than running outside as it is better suited for interval training.


Burpees are another great cardio exercise that gets your heart racing and you can do it all with your body weight. To do a burpee, you simply squat to the floor, jump your legs back into a plank position, jump back to your squat and then jump to the air and repeat.


Cycling may not seem like something you can do at home, however, by adding an exercise bike to your home you can cycle from the comfort of your own home. Cycling is great for people of all fitness levels and is a cardio exercise that is great for beginners.

Mountain Climbers

These are similar to burpees and are also an effective way of working your core which will help with weight loss. To do a mountain climber, you simply get into a plank position and drive your right knee toward your chest, then back to your chest and repeat on each leg.

Home workouts are great because they cut out the many excuses for not going to the gym, as you can work out in your own time and your own space.

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