Why it’s important to exercise during lockdown

Why it’s important to exercise during lockdown

The pandemic has been challenging for us all and with the UK being in lockdown again, we thought we would share with you some reasons as to why staying active during this time is important. You may not have been very active even before the lockdowns started, and that’s okay because adding light exercise to your routine right now can prove to be very beneficial.

Mental Health benefits

It’s not just your physical health that a bit of exercise will improve, your mental health will also see an improvement after you exercise. When we exercise, our brain releases a chemical called ‘endorphins’ which have a positive impact on our mood – therefore no matter what your workout may be, you will feel better after it.

Staying active

If you are working at home and staying at home, your activity levels will be a lot lower compared to before lockdown. Even if you didn’t work out or go to the gym before lockdown, your daily activities will have still contributed to staying active – whether that be walking to and from the office or even walking around the supermarket.

Now that these factors are mostly removed from our lives for a while, we must keep that activity level up. Whether it be walking on a treadmill or doing a 5-minute workout.

Helps you sleep

A lot of people have complained about having poor sleep habits during the lockdown, which is where exercise can help. Even moderate exercise can help increase your sleep quality by reducing the time it takes you to fall asleep. It will also help you to stop feeling drowsy in the day (and taking afternoon naps!).

Keep your immune system strong

Working out will help to keep your physical resilience (or build on what you have!). Now more than ever, it’s important to look after our immune systems and improve where we can in order to fight off infections and viruses. Through exercise, you improve your bodies resilience and therefore have a stronger immune system to fight off anything nasty.

If you think of doing exercise during lockdown and feel unmotivated or like it’s a chore – don’t worry as you aren’t alone. Many of us have been in the same boat, however, just try to remember these benefits and what this exercise will do for both your body and mind.

A workout won’t look the same for everyone, it could be a light walk on a treadmill, some morning yoga or a 45-minute HIIT workout. Do what works best for you and remind yourself of how well you are doing for staying healthy at home.

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