Health Myths that need to be debunked

Health Myths that need to be debunked

When it comes to exercise and nutrition, the internet has been divided with different opinions about what you should and shouldn’t do to have a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, some of the information out there is really nothing other than a myth that people follow – leading to them being dissatisfied with their weight loss journey and ultimately giving up.

Today, we’re here to debunk some of these very common myths to help inspire you to get your real health journey started.

Skip breakfast to lose fat

How many times have you heard people say to skip breakfast if you want a slimmer figure? Whilst many people believe this to be true, there’s no scientific proof that skipping a meal, especially breakfast, will contribute to your fat loss.

If anything, skipping your breakfast is probably detrimental to your fat loss journey as you won’t have the source of energy to get you ready for the day. Meaning things like a workout or preparing a healthier meal will seem more of a chore.

Weight gain is fat gain

You’ve eaten healthy all week, done all your scheduled workouts and invested in yourself but then you get on the scales and see that your weight hasn’t gone down, it may have even gone up!

If you’re looking to get a slimmer figure, do not be put off by the number on the scales. Your weight and your body fat are different, so whilst you may be losing body fat and working towards a slimmer figure – you could be gaining weight in terms of muscle build etc.

Crash diets help you lose weight

Not only is a crash diet dangerous for your body, but it is also ineffective for losing body fat or developing a healthier lifestyle.

Firstly, they don’t last – so any form of weight loss that you do see will be temporary and you will put it back on as soon as you resume your normal eating habits.

Secondly, these diets do not equate with fat loss as you are losing water weight or muscle weight – this will be put back on as soon as you resume eating normally and it’s also dangerous for your body.

Don’t eat at night

Many would have you believe that if you eat a single thing past a certain time, usually around 7 pm – then you have sabotaged your entire health journey. Again, not true.

If you are overeating, it doesn’t matter if you eat at 3 am, 5 pm or 11 pm – it’s about how much you are eating. To lose fat, you need to burn more calories than you consume, regardless of the time that you are consuming them.

You can target your fat burn

Are you in the gym with just the goal of getting a toned stomach, just focusing on ab workouts? Or maybe you want to have more toned, slimmer arms so you do a lot of arms focused workouts. Unfortunately, you cannot target your fat burn, so whilst you may achieve these goals – it won’t be without fat loss throughout other parts of the body too.

Whilst you can build muscle in specific areas, it’s not possible to spot-reduce fat in a certain area.

It’s important when it comes to fitness and nutrition that we have access and resources to the correct information, to make sure that we are living a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Fit4Home® are here, to make healthy living accessible for you. From giving you advice on the best nutrition to bringing you the equipment you need for a good workout, we’re here to support your health journey.

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